Clinically Validated Science and Leading-Edge Technology

Integrating the best of both to improve the lives of children and adults with serious, neglected neuropsychiatric conditions
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Our Mission

We apply a 21st century, integrated understanding of brain science to create and test novel and better therapies that are urgently needed. Undaunted, we seek new solutions to difficult problems with compassion, creativity and optimism.

Our Approach

The brain is a delicate balancing act. We synthesize clinically validated science about glutamate and dopamine dysregulation with fresh insights and precision medicine technology to create new therapies that restore neural equilibrium.

Our Therapies

Brain health depends on billions of different signals working in harmony so we can live healthy lives with a clear mind. Our therapies target dopamine and glutamate, two of the key neurotransmitters in the brain that are implicated in many different neuropsychiatric conditions.

Our Team

With decades of experience developing new therapies and building companies, our team aspires to excellence through collaboration with experts and family organizations who understand the problems faced every day by children and adults with serious neuropsychiatric conditions.

Patients are Our Priority

We focus on serious pediatric neuropsychiatric conditions in which patients have few or no approved treatment options. Our first medication in development, EM-221 for Tourette Syndrome, is  designed to reduce overly active dopamine signaling that causes motor and vocal tics without causing the unwanted side effects seen in all other currently FDA-approved medicines.

Your Voice

Creating new therapies begins with a whole-person understanding of what patients and their families live with every day. Our work begins with open-minded listening to what they need. We know our success depends on cultivating authentic, trusting relationships between us and patients, families, doctors, advocacy groups, and the dozens of other people involved in clinical research.